Thunder Scan Security Analysis Services In India

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    • Thunder Scan Security Analysis Services In India

      ThunderScan is a SAST (Static Application Security Testing, WhiteBox Testing) answer for performing broad security reviews of utilization source code. ThunderScan is anything but difficult to utilize, requires no client include and can be sent during or after advancement. It is a productive option in contrast to the requesting and tedious strategy of manual code surveys. ThunderScan performs quick and exact examinations of enormous and complex source code ventures conveying exact outcomes and low bogus positive rate.

      ThunderScan is intended to perform complete security appraisal of work area, web and portable application source code and it has over and again demonstrated its viability by finding basic vulnerabilities in well known open source applications.

      Bolstered Languages / Platforms:

      ThunderScan examines for in excess of 30 helplessness types (counting OWASP Top 10) in work area, web and versatile applications created on different stages utilizing distinctive improvement situations and systems. A portion of these are recorded underneath:


      SQL injection

      XPATH Injection

      Document disclosure

      Mail relay

      Page inclusion

      Perilous configuration settings

      Code injection

      Perilous file extensions

      Shell command execution

      Misc. Perilous functions

      Cross site scripting

      Discretionary Server Connection

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