Cinderella gift set RC1

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    • Cinderella gift set RC1

      hab den film glaub ich nie gesehen, aba das märchen kennt wohl jeder hier. nun gibt es den film endlich als gift set.

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      Die Specs auf english:

      CINDERELLA “Platinum Edition” DVD
      Disc Contents/Bonus Materials

      STREET DATE: October 4, 2005
      Suggested retail price: $29.99 (2-disc DVD) $29.99 (VHS)
      Feature running time: Approximately 76 minutes
      Rated: “G” -- Bonus DVD materials are not rated.
      DVD aspect ratio: Fullscreen (1.33:1)– the aspect ratio in which the film was originally created.
      Sound: All-New 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix
      Restored Original Theatrical Soundtrack
      Languages: French and Spanish Language tracks

      Disc One

      Walt Disney’s Original Beloved Classic CINDERELLA feature film – beautifully restored!
      • All-new beautiful digitally restored picture, presented in the original theatrical aspect ratio 1:33.1
      • Vibrant 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix audio and the original theatrical soundtrack,
      meticulously restored.

      Bonus Materials
      All-New “Cinderella Stories” Presented by ESPN Classics:
      The phrase “Cinderella Story” is now synonymous with sports, and ESPN proudly presents the
      greatest Cinderella sports stories of all time as an exciting bonus feature. NFL Hall of Fame
      quarterback Joe Namath hosts video and audio profiles of some of history’s most inspirational truelife
      tales including his own great story, and also including: The 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team;
      North Carolina State‘s 1983 NCAA victory; Venus And Serena Williams stories; Kirk Gibson’s
      1988 World Series Home Run; Villanova‘s 1985 NCAA victory; Lance Armstrong’s story and more.

      Exciting Music Videos:
      • “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” – an exciting pop rendition of the signature Cinderella tune
      • “Every Girl Can Be A Princess” – an exciting animated montage voiced by Cinderella, from the
      Walt Disney Records release Disney’s Princess Tea Party CD

      Disc Two

      • “The Cinderella Work Song”
      • “Dancing On a Cloud”


      From Walt’s Table: A Tribute To Disney’s Nine Old Men
      During Walt’s golden age, he would frequently lunch with his top animators and story men at Los Angeles’
      famed Tam O’Shanter restaurant, where the team would discuss current projects. One of these was
      Cinderella – one of only three films all nine old men worked on (others with the collaboration: Alice in
      Wonderland and Peter Pan). For this one-of-a-kind bonus feature, the Cinderella DVD takes viewers back
      to the Tam O’Shanter for an informal discussion about Walt and his Nine Old Men -- with many of today’s
      top animators, each of whom have known and worked with one or more of them (including Glen Keane, Don
      Hahn, Mark Henn, John Musker, Ron Clements and Andreas Deja). Film critic Joel Siegel serves as host.

      All-New “From Rags To Riches: The Making of Cinderella”
      A fascinating all-new featurette giving insight into the creation of Cinderella and the history behind
      it, this definitive making-of show is divided into four sections:
      • “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”
      • “Of Mice And Nine Old Men”
      • “A Perfect Fit: The Voices of Cinderella”
      • “Musically Ever After”

      All-New Featurette: “The Cinderella That Almost Was:”
      In doing research for the Cinderella DVD, a rare treasure was unearthed in the Disney Archives -- an
      envelope that had not been opened since 1949 in which there were photographs of a full set of
      storyboards for a version of Cinderella that is different from the final film as we know it. In the
      course of developing one of the world's most well-known fairy tales into an animated film, Walt and
      his creative team explored many ideas that ultimately did not work. Join Don Hahn, the Producer of
      Disney's Beauty And The Beast, on the journey to discover the Cinderella that almost was.

      The Art of Mary Blair:
      A look back at the remarkable career of one of Disney’s most talented and beloved art director/color
      stylists, responsible for the look of Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Three Caballeros, Saludos
      Amigos, So Dear To My Heart, Disneyland’s It’s A Small World and many more.

      Storyboard To Film Comparison – Opening Sequence
      To assist in the animation of Cinderella, Walt Disney had most of the scenes involving human
      characters filmed using real actors, in costume. The storyboards for Cinderella provide a unique
      blend of Photostat copies of still frames from this film intermingled with traditional hand drawn
      artists’ renditions. This segment presents a split-screen for the opening sequence of the movie,
      comparing a sampling of these fascinating and unusual storyboards with the final film.

      1922 Cinderella Laugh-O-grams: Cinderella
      A fascinating look back at the early days of Walt Disney’s career, highlighting Walt’s unusual black
      and white, silent animation -- the earliest existing animation done by Disney.

      Excerpt From “The Mickey Mouse Club” With Helene Stanley (Original Air Date: January 24, 1956)

      Cinderella Art Galleries (with Slide Show Option)
      Exciting visual archives galleries include: Visual Development; Mary Blair Art; Character
      Design of Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Stepmother, Stepsisters, Jaq and Gus, Lucifer, The Prince
      and Miscellaneous; Costume Design; Storyboard Art; Layout and Backgrounds; Live Action
      Reference; Production Photos and Publicity/Merchandise

      Theatrical Trailers
      A fascinating look into how the film was presented to audiences through the years including: 1950
      Original Release Trailer and Reissue Trailers from 1965, 1973, 1981 and two from 1987


      “The House Of Royalty”
      (Featuring Isaac Mizrahi, cast from “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and more.
      Inviting viewers into a fantasy world of Princes and Princesses, this exciting feature stars Allison
      Stoner, “Sally” from The Disney Channel’s popular Mike’s Super Short Show – taking viewers to
      New York City and inside the trendy studio of celebrity fashion expert, Isaac Mizrahi, for an indepth
      look at princess style. Then, it’s onto Hollywood to see how the cast of “Extreme Home
      Makeover’ create the ultimate Princess room, and an exciting meeting with modern royalty, who
      demonstrate some of the finer points of royal tradition.

      The Royal Life DVD-ROM Design Studio

      All-New Princess Gown Designer: This great feature allows viewers the chance to choose from a
      palate of luxurious styles and accessories and assemble their own dream gown. Using the DVD-ROM’s
      capabilities, viewers can scan in a photo and see themselves as a fairytale princess. Then as
      a keepsake, they can print a copy of themselves at the ball and a pattern of their own unique design.

      Palace Designer: No princess should live without her castle! This feature allows viewers to design their
      own royal palace by choosing from a variety of historical designs including towers, flags, colors, and

      Dream Room Makeover: For anyone who’s ever imagined turning their bedroom into the perfect
      Princess bedroom, this DVD-ROM feature makes that dream come true! Viewers choose different
      room sizes -- to create a fairytale bedroom of their very own.

      Princess Pajama Jam
      This “follow the leader” style game features everyone’s favorite princesses, with music inspired
      from “Where Dreams Begin.” The DVD offers fun steps and moves from one princess world,
      transitioning with a change in music, to another world of rocking group fun.


      “Cinderella” Title Song (Demo Recording)
      Unused Songs (Original Demo Recordings)
      ƒ “Sing A Little, Dream A Little”
      ƒ “I’m In The Middle Of A Muddle”
      ƒ “The Mouse Song”
      ƒ “The Dress My Mother Wore”
      ƒ “Dancing On A Cloud”
      ƒ “I Lost My Heart At The Ball”
      ƒ “The Face That I See In The Night”

      Radio Programs
      • “Village Store” Excerpt – Original Air Date March 25, 1948
      • “Gulf Oil Presents” Excerpt – ca. 1950
      • “Scouting The Stars” – Original Air Date February 23, 1950